Starke County Commissioners Approve Software Agreements


The Starke County Commissioners are looking into the possibility of saving some money on non-election years through the Microvote company. The county currently pays Microvote $9500 per year for their election equipment and services, even on years when the equipment is not used. Commissioner Kent Danford asked IT Director Joe Short to look into whether or not they can pay for that service only on election years to help save a bit of coin.

Short had approached the commissioners to request their approval for three agreements: one agreement for Microvote and agreements with CSI – the company providing software for the judge, probation department and criminal justice – for maintenance and database use.

County attorney Martin Lucas reviewed the maintenance agreement and said he had one issue with it, saying the agreement limits the company’s liability. He asked that Short contact the company to see if that can be stricken.

The commissioners approved the database agreement and the CSI agreement.