30 Years Later, Man Found Guilty of Murder

A 31-year-old murder case was recently solved with the conviction of the primary suspect.

In 1983, Johnny Hodge was murdered while incarcerated in the Indiana State Prison. The investigation found that Hodge had been doused with several gallons of a liquid accelerant and burned alive while locked in his cell.

The case had gone cold, but nearly 22 years later Indiana State Police detectives received information that Paul Stucker was involved in Hodge’s murder. All witnesses and parties involved in the case were re-interviewed and all evidence was re-examined. Finally in 2012, Stucker was formally charged with Hodge’s murder.

On Thursday, a LaPorte County jury found Scott County resident Paul Stucker guilty of the murder of Johnny Hodge. Stucker’s sentencing hearing has been scheduled for Feb. 27 in the LaPorte County Courthouse in Michigan City.

Police credit the aid of local residents coming forward with information about the crime.