Ancilla College Student Government Association Sponsors Blood Drive

Ancilla College Campus
Ancilla College Campus
The Ancilla College Student Government Association is sponsoring its first American Red Cross Blood Drive tomorrow at the Donaldson campus. Faculty adviser Jill Niedlinger says it’s not limited to faculty, staff and students at Ancilla

“They do accept walk-ins. With all of the weather, they’ve had several drives that have been having to cancel. They are desperate for the blood, so anyone who can come in on Tuesday we would really, really appreciate,” said Niedlinger.

Niedlinger says the blood drive will take place from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. EST.

“You can actually go to and choose that site. There are still appointments available. You can go ahead and make an appointment time, or if you just want to come out you can come out. It’s a nice, local, large enough facility to have the blood drive. I know that we do not have double red. Some people call and want to know about that. We do not have the double-red, but we will have the regular blood donation available,” Niedlinger said.

Niedlinger says the Ancilla Student Government Association hopes to meet their goal and then some.

“Our goal is to have 20 units donated, and I would love to have the student government, first time doing it to double that goal,” said Niedlinger.

Niedlinger adds signs will be posted on the Ancilla campus to direct donors to the blood drive location.