Community Divided Regarding Fate of Culver Town Park

Controversy abounds regarding the town of Culver’s park board and what should be done with the board that has come under fire recently in the wake of the discharging of superintendent Kelly Young and Donna McKee, the park activities director. A public hearing was held on the matter last night to garner input from the public on the park’s fate; that is, whether it could be dissolved and its authority given to the town council, if it should be left as it is with only necessary replacements, or if it should be completely overhauled with new members. The question also exists whether or not a seventh member should be added to the board.

Many audience members took to the podium and spoke on their opinion of their matter, including a woman who said she felt that the way Young and McKee were let go was wrong, but believes the park board is essential and should not be assimilated by the town board. She said she’s hopeful for the board’s future and hopes they will be more open to discussions regarding decisions.

Ed Pinder, a town council member, spoke as a community member and said that he has attended many of the meetings and believes the park board is very one-sided with a clique of members that rule the decision-making process. He said Young realized that her vote meant nothing and became frustrated.

The community seemed divided, however, regarding the fate of the park. While some felt that the park board should be given more time to make changes and improvements to the park, others felt that the town board should take control of it. Many stated that they felt the board did need to make some procedural changes and improve their financial accounting and overall transparency, and several felt that the way in which the employees were removed from their positions was, at the very least, questionable.

A township board member disagreed with the idea of turning control over to the town board because she felt it would prevent the township from having its say regarding the park.

The town council asked no questions of the participants, and president Ginny Munroe said they will take the concerns and comments into consideration regarding what should be done about the park.