Eastern Pulaski School Board Approves Purchase of iPads and Cases

Dan Foster
Dan Foster
The Eastern Pulaski School Board approved the purchase of 310 iPads and cases in the amount of $148,490.

Superintendent Dan Foster explained that the seventh grade students were the first to get iPads and then it expanded to the eighth grade and the ninth grade. Now, all high school students will have iPads. The IT director told the board that as soon as he programs each individual iPad, they will be ready for use by the students, which could be yet this month.

Foster said the board wanted to act on this phase sooner rather than later.

“The board was very interested in looking to see what we can do and said, ‘instead of waiting until August is there any way we can go ahead with the iPads now and get them to the tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders?’” said Foster. “We had to go through a hurdle there with an additional appropriation because we didn’t have that money set aside. The DLGF did approve that. We ordered the iPads and cases and we hope to have those in students’ hands in a few weeks.”

The board will continue looking into the possibility of equipping elementary to sixth grade students with iPads.