Fire May Have Totaled Pulaski County Ambulance

The Pulaski County Council on Monday night heard some distressing news from EMS Director Nikki Lowry. Less than one month after the department received the OK for the purchase of a new ambulance from Arrow Manufacturing, one of the department’s older ambulances has been potentially totaled in a fire.

Lowry explained a fire occurred early Friday morning at Wagner’s, where their ambulance was parked, causing extensive damage to the vehicle. Lowry said the ambulance may have be totaled due to the soot and chemicals that have accumulated within the box structure of the ambulance, and the electrical components may also have been destroyed.

Lowry said the state representative she spoke with advised her to total it, because the soot and chemicals could pose health risks to any respiratory patients that may be placed in the vehicle.

After totaling the value of just the items in the ambulance at the time of the fire, Lowry said the county would be looking at $17,600 just for the equipment, not including the ambulance.

The insurance companies for Wagner’s and the county are discussing the matter, Lowry said, and she will keep the council updated.