Google Drive Demonstration Given to Eastern Pulaski School Board


The Eastern Pulaski School Board members this week were presented with the latest in technology innovations at the middle school.

Mrs. Pugh and Mr. Hook work with English and Social Studies Discovery classes were students work with Google Drive and complete assignments online.

During the course of the presentation to the board, the teachers were able to log onto the program and show the board the different aspects of the program and how the teachers can interact with the students. As the board looked on, one of the students was working on an assignment in a live feed and watched what the student was typing. At the same time, the teacher inserted comments on the student’s progress.

The teachers said it was a great way for the students to network together. All assignments are done online and there is no need to print anything as all assignments are saved within the program. Assignments are sent to the The teacher can go right into the work and grade as needed.

Paper reduction and the ease of the program were highlighted as advantages to the corporation and to the students and teachers.