HealthLinc Collecting Bottled Water for Those in Need

HealthLinc in Knox is taking on an initiative to help those without water.

Angie Garner said those who are suffering from the effects of the harsh winter temperatures this season and frozen pipes need help getting water. Garner is asking for donations of bottled water at their facility located south of IU Health Starke Hospital in Knox.

“Whatever people can give will be something to that person who needs the water. It’s something that we take for granted when we are able to flush our toilets and go to the tap and get a drink of water. When you don’t have it, you realize how valuable it is. If anybody needs us to come pick it up, I will gladly do that after hours.”

Knox Water Superintendent Todd Gardner told WKVI this week that 19 homes in the Parkview Heights area are currently without water, but two of those homes are uninhabited. He noted that the area is one of the oldest in the community and the water lines are approximately 80 years old and not buried very deep which makes them susceptible to freezing.

Gardner said nothing can be done for those residents until the weather warms up. Any action may cause further damage.

Angie Garner hopes there are plenty of donations to go around as there are several residents in the city that are without water.

“We understand that the city is trying to help them as much as possible, but we thought that this might be our way to help collect bottles of water,” stated Garner. “I am collecting water here at HealthLinc in Knox. I will work with Community Services and the residents to get water to those in need.”

If you have any questions, call Angie Garner at HealthLinc at (574) 772-7400 ext. 1101.