Knox Street Department Working on Potholes, Readying Equipment for Next Snow Event

Knox Street Superintendent Jeff Borg told those attending the Board of Public Works meeting Wednesday that work is being done to fill potholes.

Borg explained that road crews filled the most troublesome areas first and have been out filling others as much as possible. In the meantime, employees have been working to maintain vehicles. Borg noted that some plow components needed to be fixed and others completely replaced and he will be notifying the board on those efforts in a future meeting.

Borg stated that he is also waiting on a delivery of road salt. He said he placed an order for 137 tons on Feb. 4 and at the time of his report, which was Feb. 26, his department still had not gotten the delivery. According to the contract with Cargill, Borg said if delivery has not been made at least 12 days after the order, $200 would be deducted per day that the shipment has not arrived. Borg has called the company to inquire about the shipment.

A salt shortage has been an issue since January when three big snow events helped deplete the supply. Several departments around the state have been unable to get salt and have used alternative means to clear roads of snow and ice during a snow event.

Borg stressed that there is enough salt to get through the winter, but he ordered this shipment just to be on the safe side.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers commended the crew for their hard work this season.