Lift Station Project in Knox Delayed

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers
Knox Mayor Rick Chambers
City officials expected the lift station project at the corner of Clabaugh and U.S. 35 in Knox to be complete by now, but several issues have delayed the completion of the project.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers stated that the new pumps are operational but there are a few issues that are being addressed.

“They have pulled one of the new pumps out and sent that pump back to the manufacturer and they are going to bench test that pump to make sure it is flowing the gallons per minute that is needed,” said Mayor Chambers. “When it’s installed, there are some issues so they need to start from scratch and make sure the pump is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.”

Some electrical issues have caused delays in the project and other issues that have needed assessment to determine possible problems with the system.

Mayor Chambers said the project will not finish until spring, which is way past the completion deadline.

“It will not finish up now until the springtime because the old lift station actually has to be pulled out of the ground and removed. That hole will need to be filled up and then the parking lot will have to be repaved. The paving companies don’t restart up until warm weather. We are using the new lift station at this time. We only have one pump instead of two and we’re trying to get the gallons per minute that it’s supposed to be pumping nailed down.”