Marshall County Building Inspector Gives Quarterly Report

The Marshall County Commissioners heard from Building Inspector Chuck Dewitt where he gave a synopsis of activities in the past few months.

He noted that inspections have been dropping but that is typical at this time of the year. Only 60 or so inspections were completed in January while 87 were reported in December, 101 in November, and 134 in October.

Dewitt will be conducting an inspection along with the health department to determine if a location is safe for habitation. One other inspection similar to this was conducted in the quarter.

Dewitt told the commissioners that 440 total permits were issued in 2013 which is the most on record since 2005. Thirty-two percent of those permit applications were for single-family housing construction which is an 18 percent increase.

Contractor registration is also up in Marshall County. He noted that this is important for the county and for homeowners and businesses. Money collected for contractor registrations has doubled since 2011.

Since taking over the permits for the towns of Argos, Bremen, and Bourbon, there has been over $10,000 collected in fees. Dewitt explained that there could be a point where the town of Culver is added to the mix, but negotiations on the matter continue.