Marshall County Detectives Investigate Burglaries in Bremen


Detectives with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department are investigating a series of burglaries around the Bremen area.

Officers responded to a complaint from a resident living in the 3,000 block of West Shore Drive in Bremen, around the Lake of the Woods, where it was discovered that some unknown person(s) broke into the house and stole electronics and furniture. After further investigation, officers found that several homes had been broken into with items stolen.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Department officials urge you to report any suspicious activity. They recommend that you make a special effort to clear snow from the sidewalk or driveway to make it appear that someone is home. Installing night lights, motion sensors or alarm systems could prevent a burglary at your home. If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time, have neighbors or relatives remove mail from the mailbox and check the residence often.

Report any suspicious activity to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department by calling (574) 936-3187.