Marshall County Residents Oppose Proposed Expansion

Traffic, odors, light and environmental hazards were some of the issues brought up during an informational meeting held by Irving Materials, INC. to inform residents of an expansion of services to include a proposed asphalt and ready mix cement plant on its property in Marshall County.

Company officials plan to rezone some of its property for this venture and wanted to gather public opinion of the change at the company’s location at 10998 11th Road. The proposed plant would be surrounded by a berm and efforts to reduce the effects of noise, pollution and lighting would be made as to not disturb residents nearby. Once the plant is functional, 20 to 30 new jobs would be available.

According to the Pilot News, neighbors weren’t receptive to the idea and many of them complained that they weren’t given enough notice of this meeting. Not satisfied, residents have organized their own meeting for Tuesday, Feb. 25 in Laramore B at the Plymouth Public Library at 5:30 p.m. ET and opinions will be gathered from those who live in the Southfield and Forest Hills Subdivisions on this proposed expansion.

An additional meeting will be held by the company as well before they go in front of the Marshall County Plan Commission on April 1, but a date and time have not yet been determined.