NJ-SP School Corporation Facing $1.2 Million Cut

Superintendent Lynn Johnson
Superintendent Lynn Johnson
The North Judson-San Pierre School Board has some tough decisions to make as they face cuts in their General Fund of more than 12 percent. Superintendent Lynn Johnson explained the corporation is suffering from a $1.2 million reduction in their General Fund caused by the reduction in revenue caused by their decreasing Average Daily Membership.

In a slideshow, Johnson explained that the General Fund is affected by the reduction. She said the General Fund is 85 percent salary and benefits, and the area must be reduced through cost-cutting measures, such as attrition – that is, not filling retirements or resignations. Other ideas include reductions in force, larger class sizes, reduction in extra-curricular activities, classified staff days and hours, review of insurance and benefits, non-contractual salary freezes, or travel reductions.

The corporation could also look into a four-day summer work week, supplies, elimination or reduction of programs, or even move salaries to another fund.

Johnson said the corporation is trying to find more ways to address the reductions, and will have a workshop in March, open to the public, as well as community meetings prior to spring break.