North Judson Mint Festival Committee Eager to Get Started

The North Judson Mint Festival committee is hard at work preparing for their 37th annual event with this year’s theme of, “Mint Is Supreme in 2014!” The committee held their first meeting this season for the festival, and they are excited to get the festival preparations underway.

Committee president Donna Henry said the committee anticipates holding all of their traditional contests and events, including the Father and Grandfather of the Year awards, pie eating and frog jumping contests, as well as the music arena at Norwayne Field. She said they also expect a car show and bingo to take place, and they’re hoping to have their diverse group of vendors and the popular elephant and pony rides.

Henry said they are also working on different entertainment acts, such as puppet or magic shows, and they are planning on the pet parade, fun walk, and the big parade, with some surprises as well.

The committee plans to hold a Mint Idol or Mint Talent contest and are searching for one or two persons to chair this event. The next Mint Festival meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 19 at 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the North Judson Wayne Township Library. Anyone who is interested in the promotion of the North Judson Mint Festival is encouraged to attend.

This year’s officers include Donna Henry, president; vice-president Paige Barnett; secretary Michelle Prater; and Sharen Barnett, treasurer.