North Judson Residents Still Affected By Frozen Pipes


The town of North Judson is still plagued with frozen water meters and pipes, with four or five residences currently suffering from the effects of this winter’s frigid temperatures. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said the difficult part of this situation is the fact that most of the pipes are frozen on the side of the pipes maintained by the town, but the ground is so frozen that crews are unable to get to the pipe to fix it.

Henry said the frozen pipes are caused by the bitter cold we’ve been experiencing, and some residents have neglected to run their faucets to prevent freezing. As a result, the pipes have frozen, causing a plethora of problems for residents and the town.

Henry said the town superintendent is trying to find a safe solution, but has yet to come up with anything viable. She said affected residents can run a hose to a neighbor’s home to get some fresh water, but other than that, there’s not much that can be done.

Henry said the town has to wait until the ground thaws so they can fix the pipes; until then, she said, keep running those faucets with the water at least as thick as a pencil to prevent frozen pipes.