North Liberty Man Sentenced in Marshall Superior Court

Frank Andert Jr.
Frank Andert Jr.
A ten year sentence was given to a man who was insistent on selling methamphetamine to an informant in order to pay legal fees.

Frank Andert Jr., 30 of North Liberty, who was facing a felony charge of operating a vehicle as an habitual traffic violator in St. Joseph County, was persistent in the transaction. Andert told the informant about needing to sell at least a gram of methamphetamine in order to pay his South Bend lawyer. The source agreed and arranged a meeting place. The source then contacted police who followed along to the meeting place.

At that meeting place, the officer followed the source to a restaurant parking lot and observed the transaction which was recorded on video and audio. He was arrested after the investigation was complete.

Andert was sentenced by Judge Robert O. Bowen as per the terms of a plea agreement between Andert and the state. Andert was sentenced to ten years in the Indiana Department of Corrections for selling methamphetamine to the informant. No part of the sentence was suspended. After he serves at least five years with good time credit, he may petition the court for purposeful incarceration treatment. He will finish a sentence he received in the St. Joseph County case and begin his Marshall County sentence in the Westville Correctional Facility.