Parking Restricted During Snow Emergencies


As the snow continues to fall on the Kankakee Valley, a number of municipalities have declared snow emergencies and put into place parking restrictions to help facilitate the clearing of snow. Until noon ET on Friday, the town of Winamac has restricted parking, allowing parking only on odd-numbered streets in order to give snow removal crews the room they need to work.

In Knox, snow emergency routes exist, but Mayor Rick Chambers said the city rarely declares snow emergencies or enforces the routes. However, should the emergency be declared and the routes be enforced, vehicles are prohibited from parking or stopping on Shield Street, Main Street or Pearl Street from Washington Street to Culver Road; Washington Street and Lake Street from Heaton Street to Shield Street; and Culver Road from Heaton Street to Roosevelt Road. These restrictions would in place from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. during periods of snow emergencies.

North Judson also has parking restrictions during snow events. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said that within 12 hours of snowfall of at least three inches, vehicles cannot be parked on Main Street from Highway 10 to Luken Street, and on Lane Street from Highway 10 to Sycamore, or when streets are being cleared of snow.

Culver has a similar ordinance, automatically enacting a snow emergency for any snowfall more than three inches. Town Manager David Schoeff said there is a snow route in place prohibiting parking on certain roads during a snow emergency, including Academy Road from Slate Street to the town limits by the Military Academy, College Avenue from Slate Street to Lake Shore Drive, Jefferson Street from Main Street to SR 17, Lake Shore Drive from Slate Street to SR 10, Main Street from Chadwick Shore to Lake Shore Drive, Mill Street from Main Street to State Road 17, Ohio Street from South Main Street to Lake Shore Drive, School Street from Lake Shore Drive to SR 10 and 17, and Slate Street from Mill Street to Academy Road.