Pothole Repairs Continue on County Roads

Efforts continue to repair blemishes on county roadways.

Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler said the patch truck has been out and crews have been filling potholes on county roads 300 East, 900 East, and 1100 East, as well as Circle Avenue and Toto Road.

Ritzler told WKVI that there weren’t as many potholes as he thought there would be, especially with the quick melting of snow and even quicker freeze. County crews will be out in the next couple of weeks doing what repairs can be done.

High water on roadways doesn’t seem to be a big issue at this time. Ritzler said there are roads with high water and ice, but there are no roads that are impassable.

INDOT crews continue to work extra hours to patch pothole all across the 5,000 lane miles in the Northwest Indiana District. According to INDOT Media Relations Director Matt Deitchley, crew members are working six days a week with altered schedules so they are on the roads seven days a week, both day and night. Many tons of patching material have been used.

He reminds drivers that the freeze-thaw cycle can virtually erase an entire day’s patching work in just one night. Crews continue to work long hours to patch and re-patch all over the area.