Pulaski Commissioners Hear Maintenance Department Update

The Pulaski County Commissioners last week received an update on maintenance efforts from Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston, who caught the commissioners up on a number of projects his department has been tackling.

Johnston said the annex building needs some concrete work done after a crack developed on the southern wall. The contractor is working to get that resolved, and Johnston said he will soon have a better idea about what the repairs will entail.

The justice center rooftop heating units will be installed today, according to Johnston, and the recycling center’s heaters and baler will soon be set up. He said all the wiring equipment is on hand for the heaters and all they need to install are four cement pads to put the heaters on, which is work he expects to be done soon.

Johnston said his department received three off-duty emergency calls last month, the biggest of which was the failed unit on the justice center roof. He said they were able to repair the unit, and it will be replaced in the future.

Finally, he said the elevator at the courthouse was out of service for about a week, because no one manufactures the parts for the elevator anymore. He said his department had to shut down the elevator at the annex building to get spare parts to repair the unit in the courthouse, and recommended the commissioners allow him to get quotes to upgrade the courthouse elevator.