Pulaski Council Approves $500 Raise for Assessor Dept. Employee


An employee of the Pulaski County Assessor’s Office can expect to see a nice boost in pay, after Assessor Holly VanDerAa told the county council this week that one of her employees has achieved certification as a Level I Assessor-Appraiser. This, she said, entitles the employee to a $500 raise as mandated by the state.

 be certified as a Level I Assessor-Appraiser, an individual must complete six hours of Level I pre-examination course work designated by the department, pass the Level I examination designated by the department, and complete the continuing education requirements specified by state statute.

VanDerAa said also that two employees have already achieved Level II certifications and received a $1000 raise.

The council approved a motion authorizing a $500 additional appropriation to the assessor’s office.