Pulaski Council Approves Computer Purchase for Clerk

The Pulaski County Council on Monday night approved the purchase of a single computer for the clerk’s office after they had approved the purchase of five computers for the auditor’s and assessor’s offices. Clerk Tasha Foerg approved the council and requesting an additional appropriation of $799.99 to replace the computer located at the counter.

Foerg explained that computer is extremely slow and problematic, and RB Walters has attempted to fix it many times but it is becoming too much of a burden on her department.

The council had previously approved the purchase of five computers to replace some of the older computers in the assessor’s and auditor’s offices after it was announced that their software vendor will no longer provide support for Microsoft Windows XP. Walters told the council that the support will end in April; after that, any software issues will not be troubleshooted by the vendor.

The council approved the appropriation to be used to purchase a new computer for the clerk’s office.