Recent Warm-Up Not Enough to Stave Frozen Pipes

The weather may have warmed up a bit, and some of the recent rains have caused the snow to melt away, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to stop running those faucets to prevent frozen pipes. Many area residents are still suffering from frozen pipes, and with area municipalities offering credits to those who have been running their water, there is no reason to rush in turning off the tap.

Todd Gardner, water superintendent for the city of Knox, recommends against shutting off the steady stream of water running from the faucet – at least for the time being. He said freezing weather will linger for at least another week or two, and while things underground are beginning to thaw out, many homes still suffer from frozen pipes.

Officials for the town of Winamac also recommend you continue to run your tap to prevent pipes from freezing.

In Knox, residents will receive a discount on their sewer bill if their bill is found to be higher than average due to running water to stave off frozen pipes. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston advises anyone whose bill is found to be higher than usual to contact the utility clerk.

The clerk-treasurer of North Judson told WKVI that they will also be adjusting the sewer portion of bills. Donna Henry said as long as the resident advises they have had their water running, the sewer bill will be adjusted toward the end of March on the bill due April 12. Henry explained they are going to wait until that bill to ensure all meters have been read.

The town of Winamac will also adjust bills for residents who have been running water, and in Hamlet, officials will be monitoring consumption but they have not expressed intent on adjusting bills.

For more information, contact your local utility clerk.