Safety is Priority When Determining School Status in Inclement Weather

The weather has had an effect on a lot of things in the Kankakee Valley, including school instruction.

Knox Community School Superintendent A.J. Gappa said safety is the number one priority when making a decision to delay or close school for the day. Currently, Knox students have missed six days of instruction and the corporation is waiting to hear if a waiver has been approved for two of those days. Three days have been built into the schedule to allow for snow days to be made up. Officials will decide what to do with the other missed day of instruction in future discussions.

Gappa said he discusses weather conditions with other area school superintendents when inclement weather is pending or happening.

“We have a transportation director who is in contact with bus drivers and who gets a feel for the roads and what’s actually going on,” explained Gappa. “The determination is made either the morning of school or the night before. It’s safety first. That’s the main concern.”