Second Suspect Arrested in Grovertown Burglary


A second suspect in a recent Grovertown burglary is jailed after his arrest yesterday in Marshall County by detectives from the Starke County Sheriff’s Office. Glenn Manns, 28, of Knox, is being held at the Starke County Jail on preliminary charges of burglary, forgery and receiving stolen property. His bond has not yet been set. He’s the second person to be arrested in connection with a burglary reported Jan. 17 by a resident in the 5000 North block of 1100 East in Grovertown. According to investigators, the property owner reported he had received several of the stolen items back. Other items were reportedly taken to a scrap yard, pawned or returned to a local auto parts store. Officers served three search warrants in Starke and Marshall Counties. On Feb. 13 they arrested Jack Royce, 28, of Knox. He’s charged with burglary and receiving stolen property and is jailed on a $50,000 bond in Starke County.