Sheriff’s Races Dominate Primary Filings

Voters in Starke and Pulaski Counties will have their pick of candidates for the open sheriff’s seats in the May 6 primary. Incumbents Oscar Cowen and Mike Gayer are unable to run again due to term limits. Starke County filings include Democrats Bill Dulin, Harold Smith and Dennis Fornelli, who is the latest candidate to file for that office. Republicans Billy Bope and Greg Wireman are also running for sheriff. In Pulaski County, Republicans Jeff Richwine, Brian Gaillard and Jeffrey Heims are seeking the nomination. So are Democrats Paul Grandstaff and Jim Jenkins.

Incumbent Starke County Prosecuting Attorney Nicholas Bourff will have a general election opponent. Knox attorney Timothy Lemon is running on the Republican ticket.

The race for Starke County Coroner will be decided in May unless the Republican Party nominates a candidate. Democrats Dannie Hoffer and Adam Gray are running for that office.

At least one candidate in Pulaski County will be selected via party caucus, as nobody has qualified to run for the District 1 seat on the county council. Incumbent Alex Haschel is running on the Republican ticket for the open county commissioner’s seat currently held by Tracey Shorter, who is not seeking a second term.

A complete list of candidates follows:

Starke County Candidates for Countywide Offices
Prosecuting Attorney – *Nicholas Allen Bourff (D); Timothy Lemon (R)
Clerk of the Circuit Court – Vicki Cooley (D)
Assessor – *Rhonda Milner (D)
Auditor – *Katherine Chaffins (D)
Recorder – *Lisa Liedtky Minix (D)
Sheriff – Gregory Wireman (R);William Bope (R); Harold Smith (D); William “Bill” Dulin (D); Dennis Fornelli (D)
Coroner – Dannie Hoffer (D); Adam Gray (D)
Starke County Commissioner District 2 – Nancy J. Dembowski (D); Donald Binkley (D)

County Council

Starke County Council District 1– Talia Reed (R)
Starke County Council District 2 – Jennifer Davis (D); *Anthony “Tony” Radkiewicz Sr. (R)
Starke County Council District 3 – *David Pearman (R); Roy McCray (R)

Starke County Council District 4 – Pamela Stalbaum (D); Joseph Woods (D); Donald White (R)
* Denotes Incumbent

Township Trustee
Center Twp. Trustee – *Julie Manns (D)

Jackson Twp. Trustee – Robert Schmidt (D)
North Bend Twp. Trustee – Rutherford Byron Walters (R)
Oregon Twp. Trustee – *Mark Allen (D)
Railroad Twp. Trustee – *Roger Chaffins, Sr. (D)
Wayne Twp. Trustee – *Clara Schacht (D); Timothy Stites (D)
Washington Twp. Trustee – Terri Noonan (D); Cathy Benko (Ewing) (D); Michelle Kemble (R)
* Denotes Incumbent

Township Advisory Boards (3 members per township)
California Twp Advisory Board – *Harrison Fields (D); *Michelle Albon (R); Phillip Cherry (R); Matt McGowan (R); Steven Ahlenius (R)
Center Twp. Advisory Board – *Ben Warren (D); Diana Koenig (R); Bertha Blue (D); Steve Berndt (D)

Davis Twp. Advisory Board – Becky Pflugshaupt (R); Larry Jernas (R)
North Bend Twp Advisory Board – *Paul M. Sellers (D); Samuel J. Bailey (R); Joseph Walters (R)

Jackson Twp. Advisory Board – Marilyn Lockridge (D)
Oregon Twp Advisory Board – *Paul R Cleveland (D); *Carole Noble (D); Joe Reed (R)
Railroad Twp Advisory Board – *August K. Eckert II (D); Mike Lawecki (R); Clarence Gehrke (R)
Washington Twp. Advisory Board – Patricia Zobrist (R); Angela Jesuit (R)

Wayne Twp Advisory Board – *Tom Griffo (D); Joe Griffo (D); Marilynn Pacilio (D); Marvin Peters (R)
* Denotes Incumbent

Republican State Convention Delegates

Christopher Morgan Lee; Donald White; Brenda Stanojevic; Jacqueline Masterson; Angela Beth Shepperd; Gregory Wireman; Dave Kesvormas

Democrat State Convention Delegates

Jackie Bridegroom; Daniel Bridegroom; Frank Skronski; Evelyn Skronski; Robin Banks; Donald Binkley; Cynthia Wallace; Dorine Godinez; Jesus Godinez

Democrat Precinct Committemen

California 2 – Shirley Fields

Center 1 – Jeffery Houston

Center 2 – Dorine Barbara Godinez

Center 3 – Jeffrey Berg

Center 5 – Ken Wallace

Oregon 3 – Beverly Fraine

Wayne 3 – Clara Schacht

Wayne 4 – Jackie Bridegroom

Pulaski County Candidates for Countywide Offices
Prosecuting Attorney – Daniel P. Murphy (R); Blair Todd (R)
Clerk of the Circuit Court – *Tasha Foerg (R)
County Assessor – *Lorena H. “Holly” VanDerAa (R)
County Coroner – *Steven VanDerAa (R); Tracy Rossman-Bryson (R)
County Sheriff – Jeffery K. Richwine (R); Paul Grandstaff (D); Brian Gaillard (R); Jeffrey A. Heims (R); Jim Jenkins (D)

County Surveyor – *Jenny Weaver-Keller (D)
Pulaski County Commissioner District 3 – Bud Krohn, Jr. (R); Alex Haschel (R); Wayne Westphal (R)
* Denotes Incumbent

County Council

Pulaski County Council District 1 – No Candidate

Pulaski County Council District 2 – *Thomas (Tom) Roth (D)

Pulaski County Council District 3 – Brian M. Young (R); Linda Powers (D); Pam Chumley (R)

Pulaski County Council District 4 – * Michael D. “Mick” Tiede (R)

Township Trustee
Beaver Twp. Trustee – Gerald Kruger (R)

Cass Twp. Trustee – Elaine Parish (R)

Franklin Twp. Trustee – Elaine Haschel (R)

Harrison Twp. Trustee – Betty Stinemetz (R)

Indian Creek Twp. Trustee – Craig Allen (R)

Monroe Twp. Trustee – Larry J. Winter (D); Michelle Schmicker (R)

Van Buren Twp. Trustee – Lenora K. Hoover (R)
White Post Twp. Trustee – Karen S. Wagner (R)

Township Advisory Boards (3 members per township)
Beaver Twp. Advisory Board – Harold R. Johnson (R); Glen Doll (R); Lloyd Ezra (R)

Franklin Twp. Advisory Board – Rita Hilderbrandt (D); Greg Hilderbrandt (D); Jackie Terry (R).

Harrison Twp. Advisory Board – Christopher Graves (R); Jacqueline Pugh (R); Anthony “Tony” Pesaresi (R);

Indian Creek Twp. Advisory Board – David Weaver (D)

Monroe Twp.Advisory Board – Timothy “Tim” Hoffa, Jr. (R)

Monroe 2 Advisory Board– Marcia Lynn Link (D)

Salem Twp. Advisory Board – Maurice A. Kopka (D); Robert Vollmer (R);

White Post Twp. Advisory Board – Sandra L. Beiswanger (D); Jerry L. Beiswanger (D); Richard Brick (R); Patricia L. Tiede (R)

Van Buren Twp. Advisory Board – Scott Hinkle (R)

Monroe 4 Precinct Committeeman – Larry J. Winter (D)

Republican State Convention Delegates
Kenneth R. Boswell; Samuel Frain; Joni R. Frain; Emily K. Hizer; Brian M. Young; Blair Todd; Chelsea Todd.