Starke Commissioners to Meet With Chesapeake Run Developers

The Starke County Commissioners have agreed to meet with developers of the Chesapeake Run subdivision to discuss the possibility of accepting the roads into the county’s inventory. County attorney Martin Lucas said the county needs to be specific as to what they are taking responsibility over to prevent any kind of issues in the future regarding liability.

There is one glaring issue, however, that Lucas pointed out: the subdivision includes a “temporary” cul-de-sac, and Lucas said he has heard a number of concerns regarding that. While the engineer for TCU, the development company, suggested getting information from property owners regarding maintenance and other such items, Lucas said he feels that wouldn’t help much – rather, he feels it comes down to that cul-de-sac, and there have not been any satisfactory answers.

Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler said the cul-de-sac does need some work, and if they made it a county road now, they would have to lay down asphalt to make it permanent.

The intent of the acquisition is for the developer to remain responsible for lights and any curb damage, while the county would take possession of the road and treat it like any other county road.

The commissioners approved a motion to pursue working with the developers to find a solution.