Starke County Crews Working to Clear Roads

Starke County Highway Superintendent Stephen "Rik" Ritzler
Starke County Highway Superintendent Stephen “Rik” Ritzler
The Starke County Highway snow plows will be out in full force this morning to try and keep up with the snow that has falled and drifted in the area.

Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler told WKVI News crews have been called out this morning to tend to the roads.

Blowing and drifting has created an issue with keeping roads clean and passable. Snow plow drivers will attempt to clear ice and snow to the best of their ability to make your commute a little smoother.

Slow down and take your time in getting to your destination today.

Ritzler noted that the county plow drivers are not permitted to drive more than 12 hours a day as to not challenge their effectiveness.