Thawing Could Cause Flooding Issues, Says Bombagetti

As if this extremely cold winter hasn’t caused enough problems, Starke County EMA Director Ted Bombagetti said it could also cause some problems with flooding when the ice finally begins to thaw. Bombagetti said in order for water to be absorbed into the ground, it must thaw beforehand, but this year’s extremely cold winter has caused the ground to freeze with a deep frost-line.

“If it’s a gradual melt, we’ll be OK. If it’s a rapid melt, with the ground still frozen, the ground won’t accept the water. We’re fortunate that our rivers and our streams and whatnot are very low right now, and so it’s going to take quite a bit of melting before they become a problem,” said Bombagetti.

Bombagetti said there’s also the risk of roadways flooding with water in low-lying areas. He said the weather could then once again turn, with temperatures dropping below-freezing, causing that water on the road to turn to ice.

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