Town of Culver Awarded Safe Routes to School Funds

The town of Culver was recently awarded funds from the Federal Highway Administration through the Transportation Alternatives Program for a Safe Route to School project, aimed at increasing the opportunities for travel by walking for children and citizens of Culver.

The project looks to provide a safe route to schools, both private and public businesses, and the town park. Town Manager Dave Schoeff explained the money will go toward improving sidewalks and crosswalks in the town.

“The money will be spent towards our Safe Routes to Schools program, and a couple of our streets that have intermittent sidewalks and some sidewalks in bad shape are going to be updated with crosswalks and everything so it’s a safer route for the kids to walk to school,” Schoeff explained.

The town will receive $239,200 to help in the endeavor. Schoeff said the sidewalks, ramps and crosswalks will help increase the quality of life for the children, citizens and guests of the Culver community.

Schoeff said in a press release that the project will provide safe walking pathways which will encourage activity and improved health, which will create an environment for healthy minds and collectively will increase the general welfare of the community.

He said the town is fortunate to have the support of INDOT as they move forward.

“We’ve had success with our Safe Routes to Schools program to date with INDOT, so we just wanted to keep moving forward with that project, and the areas that we’ve identified as needing work, that’s where we pursued and we’re very fortunate that INDOT is going to work with us,” Schoeff said.

Design will hopefully begin in the summer of 2014 with construction in the summer of 2016.