West Cental Enrollment Decreases in Second ADM Count

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon
West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon
A second Average Daily Membership, or ADM, count was taken this month and that information was given to the West Central School Board members during their recent meeting.

Superintendent Charles Mellon said the student count was a little less this time around.

“The state requires us to have student counts each semester and that’s how they base our funding,” explained Mellon. “They consider it per semester rather than per school year. On the Feb. 3 count, we found that we were six students less than what we were back on Sept. 14 – our other count day. It’s not too drastic as last year we were 25-30 students less.”

The enrollment trend is on the downward slope, but Mellon hopes the trend shifts next school year.

“Six students does make a difference. We would hope to get some of those students back over the summer or have people move in. This is kind of been our trend in enrollment. We’ll just see what happens there.”