Ancilla Offers Summer School Tuition Discounts


Students looking to get a jump on their college careers or maybe take a course during a less-stressful time of the year may want to see what Ancilla College has to offer. For starters, they offer a hefty discount on per-credit-hour tuition during the summer. Executive Director of Admissions Eric Wignall says a lot of students who struggled with a course during the regular school year use summer school as a do-over.

“We have a lot of university students from IU, Purdue, etc. that come to us and say ‘you know what, I’m going to take micro-economics again, or I’m going to take that psychology course again.’ That’s fine, and we offer a full load of courses. It’s not the same as a regular fall or spring semester. Summer school is a great place to re-launch,” Wignall says.

Tuition is considerably less expensive during summer school. Also, the classes only meet for six weeks, and the atmosphere is more relaxed. Wignall says that makes it easier for a lot of people to stay engaged and focused and is often more convenient for working adults.

Ancilla’s first summer term starts May 19th and runs to June 27th. The second summer term is from June 30th to August 8th. Different courses are featured during each session, with the exception of some of the nursing classes that are part of the LPN to RN bridge program. They run from May to August. More information about summer courses at Ancilla, including discounts on tuition, is available at