Are You Ready for Severe Weather?


The only thing harder than being prepared is explaining why you were not! This is National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, which is a good opportunity to know your risk, take action and be an example. The Pulaski County Health Department is one of several agencies taking part in this call to action. Preparedness measures have been put to the test with this winter’s snowfall, and tornado season will be here soon. Pulaski County Health Department Preparedness Coordinator Sherry Fagner says knowing your risk of severe weather, taking action and being an example are a few steps you can take now to potentially save your life and the lives of others. Knowing your risk involves understanding the type of hazardous weather that can affect the areas where you live and work. Check the forecast regularly. It’s also a good idea to purchase a NOAA Weather Radio. Taking action includes developing a family communication plan before storms strike, assembling an emergency supplies kit with enough food, water and other essentials like medications and keeping it in a safe place. You can test your preparedness on April 30 during America’s PrepareAthon. You can also be an example by sharing your preparedness story with friends and family members on Facebook or Twitter. Fagner says letting other people know you are prepared will prompt them to do likewise.