Continue Running Faucets; Frost Level Still Problematic

The temperature is above freezing, bringing welcome relief from this winter’s bitter cold temperatures, but local water and clerk-treasurer departments continue to urge area residents to keep the faucets running. The frost is still settling in, according to officials at the Knox Water Department, and while the ground may start feeling warm on top, the frost is still present below the surface.

The clerk-treasurer’s office in the city of Knox is also urging residents to keep running faucets, recommending that residents continue to do so until the weather improves, bringing 10 days of above-freezing temperatures.

Knox Water Superintendent Todd Gardner explained that there are some residents who refuse to let water drip from faucets and the crews keep going to the same homes with the same problems. Gardner suggested a review of the ordinance to increase fees for return visits to encourage residents to heed recommendations by the water department to prevent expensive repairs. He said there is one residence that they have returned to five times and the current $5 return visit fee in the ordinance isn’t enough to cover the cost and time of the employee returning for services.

It is still recommended that residents keep a pencil lead-sized stream from the faucet. The frost level is at four feet which still has the capability to freeze pipes.