Financial Aid Deadline Looming for Indiana College Students

The clock is ticking for students in need of college financial aid next year. Monday is the deadline to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA form. Ancilla College Executive Director of Finance Mike Brown says it’s best to complete the form in order to keep options open.

“Everyone who is thinking about going to college next year, for most of the students starting college that will be August of 2014, but it could also be for students who won’t be starting until January of 2015, you have to fill out the FAFSA form to be eligible for any type of financial aid,” said Brown.

Brown says unless a family can write a check to cover the entire cost of tuition and living expenses they need to complete a FAFSA.

“Most colleges and universities also require that the student fill out the FAFSA form so that the college can determine what scholarships a student might be eligible to receive and what types of grant money from the colleges the student may be eligible to receive. Everything begins with the FAFSA form,” said Brown.

Brown stresses the importance of completing the FAFSA by Monday.

“You must file your FAFSA no later than March 10th to be eligible for any funds from the state of Indiana. Again it’s $250 million last year. So if you don’t need any of that $250 million, March 10th doesn’t matter to you, but for most students, that’s a big deal,” said Brown.

The FAFSA is now completed entirely online. Click here for a link to the form and more information