Knox City Street Department Hoping to Start Spring Projects

Knox Board of Public Works
Knox Board of Public Works

The Knox Board of Public Works learned that the street department is working hard to start on spring projects.

Street Superintendent Jeff Borg told the board that the crews are attempting to work on alleys to smooth them out. Street sweeping started but had to be put on hold as temperatures did not allow for that activity to immediately continue. Equipment maintenance has been ongoing until the weather breaks. Borg notified the board that two new plows are needed for the trucks as they are getting to the point of deterioration. Crews keep repairing the plows, but they’re hanging on by a thread.

Borg said he’s gotten six or seven applications in the 50/50 sidewalk program. Requests for sidewalk replacement are being taken until Wednesday, April 16. When a request is submitted, Borg will inspect the sidewalk and make a determination on whether or not to approve the request. If it is accepted, a bid for the work will be accepted and the property owner will be notified of the cost and must pay half of the cost to the city before the work starts.

Borg said he’s waiting for the plant in Plymouth to open up before they can get more sand to mix with road salt. The city used more than 100 percent of their supply of salt. Borg explained that there was salt/sand mixture from last year used at the beginning of the season to get started.