Knox Council Approves Revised Fee Ordinance on Second Reading

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox City Council approved an ordinance revising fees for the Planning Commission this week on its second reading, leaving just one more reading to be approved for the ordinance to take effect. Mayor Rick Chambers told the city council that he recently met with Charles Weaver, executive director of the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, to discuss the proposed maximum commercial permit fee of up to $7500.

The current fee is $5000, same as that for the county, and Chambers said the fee for the town of Hamlet is $1000 and North Judson’s fee is $5000 as well. Councilwoman Linda Berndt said she has thought about the idea and would like to keep the fee at $5000, a reasonable fee for new businesses.

Chambers said he likes the idea of keeping it at the same fee as the county for simplicity sake. Councilman Jeff Berg, however, said he likes the idea of “having more leverage,” and the ability to charge up to $7500.

The council approved a motion amending the ordinance’s commercial fee from $7500 to $5000. The third reading is expected to take place on March 25.