Knox Sidewalk Replacement Program Application Deadline April 16

The application deadline is just over a month away as the city of Knox gears up for their 50/50 sidewalk replacement program. Apply before Wednesday, April 16 for the program that offers a chance for residents to have their sidewalks repaired at half the cost. Any residents suffering from some problematic areas on their sidewalks would benefit from this program, and Mayor Rick Chambers is accepting replacement requests now from homeowners and business owners.

When a request is received by the mayor, Street Superintendent Jeff Borg will inspect the area and approve or disapprove the order. A bid for the work will be awarded and then the property owner will be notified of the cost and must pay half of the cost to the city before construction will begin and must be made within 14 days of notification in order for the project to continue.

When the sidewalk work is complete, Borg will make one last inspection and approve payment to the contractor.

If you need more information, call the Mayor’s office at (574) 772-4553.