Local Firefighters Participating in Specialized Training


Starke County and surrounding fire departments are running life-like structure fire training sessions this week with a State Live Fire Trainer trailer loaned to Starke County by the Department of Homeland Security.

The two-story trailer is at the Washington Township Fire Department where firefighters can run through different scenarios. The trailer simulates a structure fire with extremely dense smoke and LPG fire that are true to life. This allows for a high level of mental and physical challenges for firefighters to prepare them and keep their training fresh for the field.

The trailer is shared by all of the counties in Indiana and local instructors have to dedicate time to learn how to utilize the trailer safely and effectively in order to use it. Instructors from the Washington Township and Hamlet Fire Departments attended training sessions and will help conduct the local training sessions.

This training was made possible by fellow firefighter and Starke County EMA Director Ted Bombagetti, District 2 Training Coordinator John Grolich, plus Brandon Wood and John Buckman from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security as well as the Washington Township Trustee.

Firefighters from the San Pierre, North Judson-Wayne Township, Knox-Center Township, Hamlet, Washington Township, Koontz Lake, Lapaz and Walkerton fire departments are participating in this training.