Marshall County Council Approves Copier Request

The Marshall County Council approved the purchase of a different copier for the prosecutor’s office.

In his presentation to the council on Monday morning, Prosecutor David Holmes said sometimes what you see on the internet isn’t always what you get. He explained that his department purchased a copier online for $7,645 which was supposed to operate just like the copier the department was attempting to retire after several years of use.

When the copier was delivered, Holmes said the staff quickly found out that it could not keep up with their daily duties and was not as efficient as guaranteed. Holmes said he hoped that he could purchase a different copier at a higher price that will accomplish what is needed with the demand of the prosecutor’s office.

The money has not been refunded from this purchase even after the company said the refund would be returned in one week. Holmes is pursuing the refund and the council members chuckled after he stated that he’d file the lawsuit himself if the company doesn’t comply.

The council approved his purchase request and the extra cost will come out of the pre-trial diversion funds.