Marshall County Man Coerced Into Paying $300 For Driveway Clearing


A Marshall County resident told police he was intimidating into paying $300 for four people to shovel his driveway for approximately an hour. The victim reported that at approximately 2:45 p.m. on Monday, March 3, an unmarked white box truck stopped at his residence in the 11000 block of 12th Road with four men in the vehicle.

The victim said the men exited the vehicle – one of them was older and three were younger, possibly in their 20s – and asked the victim if he would like his driveway shoveled. The victim said he agreed to have the remainder of his driveway shoveled and went back inside.

The men were outside for roughly an hour before the victim asked them to leave. The victim said the men did not argue about being asked to leave, but the oldest subject told the victim that he owed them $300 for the work they did.

The victim said that due to his age and the fact that he was outnumbered, he paid the money. The subjects then left.

If anyone has any information about this or any other cases, please contact the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department at (574) 936-3187.