Marshall County Plan Director Gives Commissioners Annual Report

Marshall County Plan Director Ralph Booker gave his annual report to the commissioners earlier this week.

Booker reported that permit activity rose in 2013 with 440 issued. The value of those permits totaled $13,448,253 which is up $3 million from 2012. This increase was attributed to the acquisition of permits from the Bourbon and Bremen zoning districts.

German and West Townships had the most growth in 2013.

Thirty cases were heard by the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals while the Marshall County Plan Commission heard 16 cases – up from nine in 2012.

Thirty-seven violations were recorded in 2013 where one case went to court to have more than 30 cars and junk and debris removed from one property. Sixteen waste and debris violations were recorded with six building without a permit violations and 12 unsafe building violations.

Work will continue to include more permits online in 2014 and to assist towns and the city of Plymouth. Bourbon is looking to update their zoning ordinance this year and assistance will be given in that process. The Plymouth Subdivision Ordinance is also expected to be complete this year.