Marshall County Police Bust Underage Drinking Party


Officers from the Marshall County Police Department and Indiana State Police arrested seven adults after reportedly breaking up an underage drinking party early Sunday morning. They got a tip about the party taking place at a residence in the 13-thousand block of 2A Road in Plymouth, according to a department news release and arrived just before 2 a.m. Officers found seven underage adults and three juveniles drinking at the residence, according to the police report, which also notes there was evidence of marijuana use inside the residence. The seven underage adults were all arrested on a misdemeanor charge of illegal consumption of alcohol. They are: Zachary Hostetler, 18 of Plymouth; Rex Budzielek, 18, of Lakeville; Howard Borton, 18, of Lakeville; Tyler Thompson, 19, of Lakeville; Jordan Hoober, 18, of Plymouth; Gage Chapman, 19, of Mishawaka; and Devin Johnson, 19, of Plymouth. Authorities called the parents of the three juveniles involved and asked them to pick up their children. Police reports were forwarded to the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office and Marshall County Probation Department for further juvenile proceedings.