MoonTree Studios Preparing for Second Annual Catapult Experience.odt

MoonTree Studios is teaming up with the Veteran’s Therapeutic Art Center in Plymouth as they announce the return of a popular event at the MoonTree Wood Shop this spring that gives participants the opportunity to design and build a wooden catapult. Teams are invited to conceive, plan and build a working wooden machine that can hurl golf balls, seed balls and other objects for distance and accuracy.

Evelyn Schwenk, co-director of MoonTree Studios, told WKVI that these are true catapults, just a little bit smaller.

“This is like the middle ages machines that helped defend the castle, that would throw big rocks out into the people who were trying to invade the castle. So the idea for having a catapult contest originally came about through our friends at Veteran’s Therapeutic Art Center in Plymouth. These guys wanted to play with this idea of making catapults, and who could make one that would throw something the farthest distance, who could make one that would be more accurate, that kind of thing,” said Schwenk. (03-25-14 – Schwenk – Kind of Thing)

This is the second event of its kind at MoonTree Studios, following the inaugural catapult contest last year wherein six teams competed. The event is combined with the Earth Week celebration at the Center at Donaldson, and at the end of the contest, contestants will use their catapults to hurl balls of seeds around the campus.

The “Build a Catapult Experience” is open to the public as well as VTAC members. Teams can register by calling MoonTree Studios at (574) 935-1712 or register online at to receive the rules and building guidelines. They can work one-on-one and get guidelines and tips to design, construct, and test their catapult machine with an experienced MoonTree Wood Shop Facilitator. The Catapult Experience will culminate with a Contest of Catapult Prowess and Launch of Life on the prairie surrounding MoonTree Studios on Saturday, April 26.

Catapults will compete for distance, accuracy, originality of design and decoration, use of recycled material, and even historical accuracy and team insignia or costume.

The newly formed MoonTree Players will provide some entertainment and ambiance for the event, alongside the Country Griller serving lunch, beverages and snacks.

To learn more about the Build a Catapult experience, or to register and get a copy of the contest rules, call MoonTree Studios at (574) 935-1712 or visit