NASCAR Driver Plans Visit to Support Little Hoosier 100, Talk with Fans

Tony Stewart
Tony Stewart
Three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart will be in Lakeville on Thursday, Aug. 14 at 7 p.m. ET to participate in a question and answer session with fans.

More importantly, Stewart’s appearance is to support the Little Hoosier 100, a race at the Newton Park in Lakeville that features young drivers racing quarter midget cars from all over the world. In a previous visit to the Newton Center, Stewart said that these young drivers could be the up-and-coming Jeff Gordon or Helio Castroneves.

Your $30 ticket will give you a chance to ask Tony Stewart a question and get an item autographed following the question and answer session. All proceeds will benefit the Little Hoosier 100.

The Little Hoosier 100 will be held July 26 and 27 at Newton Park in Lakeville.

For information or tickets for Tony Stewart’s Lakeville visit, go to or call (574) 784-2749.