New Waste Removal Service in Winamac Discussed at Winamac Town Council Meeting

The Winamac Town Council recently privatized the waste removal and recycling service and that contract began March 1.

The town conducted the service for a number of years and found that the town could have at last $12,000 a year if the service was conducted by an outside firm.

At a previous meeting, the Winamac Town Council approved a five-year contract with Advanced Disposal Services and the company began waste pickup on March 1.

Town Manager Jim Conner said the service was discussed by several residents at their recent meeting.

“Some residents showed up and had some concerns and a representative from Advanced Disposal Services was there and he got their questions and concerns answered,” said Conner. “It’s been going relatively smoothly, all considered. Until we can get through the first couple three weeks and people get used to the change, it won’t seem like such a shock to the system for them.”

In addition, the council members passed a solid waste collection ordinance that coincides with the privatization of waste collection.