NJ-SP Board Votes to Extend School Day, End School in May

Superintendent Lynn Johnson
Superintendent Lynn Johnson
North Judson-San Pierre students will trade a slightly longer school day for an earlier start to summer vacation after action this week by the school board. Starting April 9, classes will dismiss at 3:05 each afternoon instead of at 2:35. Superintendent Lynn Johnson says this was the most workable of the options offered by the state to make up missed instructional time.

“The first one was to use our scheduled snow make-up days. Well, we have used them all, so they’re done. The other thing is to add additional days at the end of the year, which right now we have kids, if we added, would be going til Tuesday, June 3, and teachers til Wednesday, June 4. We can add time to the day or offer virtual learning experiences. We’re not at the point where we can do virtual learning. We don’t have the wireless system, and kids don’t have devices. We’re just not in that position,” Johnson said.

Johnson says extending the school day was the preferred option for teachers. As to how the extra 30 minutes will be used, she says that’s a building level decision. The longer school days also mean the school year will end as originally planned, with the last student day on Thursday, May 29 and the final day for teachers on Friday, May 30, unless additional days are missed between now and the end of the year. Graduation is still set for Sunday, June 1. Seniors will not have to come to school on Saturday, May 31 for a makeup day.

Click here to read a copy of the letter sent home yesterday with NJ-SP students.