Oregon-Davis School Board to Meet Tonight

Greg Briles
Greg Briles
The Oregon-Davis School Board will meet tonight at 6:30 p.m. CT in the Susan G. Rowles Board Room in the administration building on the school’s campus.

The board members are expected to discuss a number of topics including consideration of school services agreement with The Crossing which is an alternative school. A presentation of the curriculum by the CEO of The Crossing, Rob Staley, was held March 6 at the Knox Community School Corporation where two members of the Oregon-Davis School Board were present, along with High School Principal Tim Pletcher and Superintendent Greg Briles. The Crossing helps educate high school dropouts, students who have transitioned to home school or students who may have been expelled from school. The board will discuss a decision to commit to the school at this meeting.

The board members will also talk about when to make up another day lost due to severe weather. Superintendent Greg Briles said the day will be added to the end of the school calendar making the last day of school June 5. The board will make a final decision on that tonight.

A decision on summer school for elementary students through the Starke County Youth Club and discussion on a technology plan will also take place during tonight’s meeting.