Paul Stucker Sentenced to 45 Years in Prison

Paul D. Stucker
Paul D. Stucker
A Scott County man was sentenced to 45 years in prison for the murder of an inmate while they were both incarcerated in the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City.

Paul Stucker, 53, was convicted of murder following a trial on Feb. 13, 2014. Stucker was found to have doused Johnny Hodge with several gallons of a liquid accelerant and burned alive while locked in his cell. This happened in 1983.

The case had gone cold until 2005 when the Indiana State Police received information that Stucker was involved in the murder and the case was reopened. Stucker was arrested in 2012 and sentenced Thursday in LaPorte County Superior Court II.

At the time of this investigation, Stucker was being investigated in an unrelated homicide in Jennings County. Investigators believe that some people may have information related to the Jennings County case but have been hesitant to come forward out of fear. He is no longer a threat so any information regarding the Jennings County case is encouraged to contact the Indiana State Police at 1-800-566-6704.