Police Warn of Fraudulent Home Improvement Activity


A Plymouth man was recently charged with home improvement fraud after not completing a construction project that he had been paid to do.

According to an investigation with the Marshal County Sheriff’s Department, detectives received information that Glenn Manns, 28, was allegedly paid to seal a blacktop driveway and he failed to do the project.

A case report was sent to the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office where formal charges were issued. Manns was charged with Home Improvement Fraud as a Class B Misdemeanor and Theft as a Class D felony.

Officers urge you to be cautious when entering into contracts or having an unknown contractor do work or showing up to do work. Scam artists often show up at your door offering bogus home improvement and trick you into signing a contract without disclosing all the changes. The scam artist may say he/she just finished work at a neighbor’s house and has leftover material to complete a project at your house. The scammer will often pressure you to enter into a contract at that moment since the supplies are available to get the project done.

If you have a project in mind, take your time and find a contractor who is registered, licensed and bonded. Compare bids and services and make sure those numbers and terms are in writing. You should get a detailed contract.

Never pay for the entire project before the work begins. Don’t pay for more than a third of the total cost as a down payment. The remaining payments should be distributed upon completion and satisfaction that the job was done right.

Keep all records related to your project including change orders, warranties and any correspondence.

If you fee you may have fallen victim to home improvement fraud, call your local law enforcement.